Our Resto

Everyone loves fried chicken, But we are the best at making it.

A good restaurant is like a vacation; it transports you, and it becomes a lot more than just about the food.

Our Crispy Story

Family tales that inherit from ancient times to recent times, from grandmothers to grandchildren–All are talking about the dinner stories, special occasions, fun moments and remembering good old memories and laughing their hearts out. Children learning their parent’s notorious adventures and also discovering how dynamic and cool their grandpa used to be. Parents started feeling like children again and getting embarrassed by the recollection of their past incidents. When dinner time arrives, it must be more magical and special as it ends the day on a better note. The food must embrace all the moods – happy, sad, anger, joy, anxiety and curiosity etc. The food must be loved and enjoyed, back from three generations to the current generation. It should
complete the family circle and give a toast to all the moments together in past, present and future. Only an old school granny recipe can fulfil the void at this moment and taking a bite of such food – nothing can add bounds to that happiness. Aylesham Fried Chicken- completely derived from old school nanny recipes and would bring back memories of your family times, birthdays, Christmas Eves and New Year etc. It makes you go through mixed emotions and can be also said as “The food for every mood”.